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Established in 2000, is the first portal website in China's electronics industry.

Aktuel Elektronik is a general electronics magazine located in Denmark focusing on electronics design, production and test, components, IC design, hardware and software.

AUTOMOBIL ELEKTRONIK, a German publication, combines the best of two magazines and now it comprises a management-oriented part as well as a technically-oriented part.

Automotive Electronics is Korea's only automotive electronics media with its readership of R&D engineers and engineering managers.

Established in the year of 1980, China Computerworld is the first newspaper in China jointly run by Electronic Technology Information Institute of National Information Industry Department and the International Data Group (IDG).

Directed by the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), China Electronics News (CEN) is an organ for the MII and the newspaper for China’s electronics & information technology industry.

Communication Components Magazine, a Taiwanese publication, attracts readers that are interested in communication industry/market development professionals, including corporate decision-making and management, engineers, and procurement personnel.

CiE is a monthly publication in the U.K. written for the electronic design engineer or for those involved in electronic design management.

Component Times, a Taiwanese publication, covers basic electronic and components. It includes applied technical and professional component integration with IC design and EDA horizontal integration. is an online interactive platform for engineers to better design circuits, select right components and deliver timely application solutions. It helps engineers to solve practical problems and optimize circuit design for better IC performance.

Founded in 1999, COMPOTECH Asia is the only media published magazines in Taiwan and Mainland China, based in Beijing.

Established in 1998, Taiwan-based DIGITIMES is the world’s leading publication for coverage of the global IT and high tech supply chains.

eBuzz is a consumer journal created by Electronic Times.  It is a friendly multimedia digital media across multiple platforms.


EDN Asia, based in Singapore, provides the premier of design information for the worldwide electronics industry, as well as extensive insight into the ever-evolving electronics industry in Asia.

With a sixteen year history, EDN Chinahas been the premier publication for China's electronic design industry.

EDN Korea is a monthly magazine, website, and e-newsletter for design engineers in Korea providing the latest news and artiles about the worldwide electronics industry.

Founded in July 2006, EEFOCUS is an online community for Chinese electronics practitioners, including design and development engineers, students, academicians, as well as management executives.

EE Times China is a leading electronic design print, which serves mainland China's engineering community by delivering the latest industry and technology.

The publication has a select audiences of experts, in charge of designing and developing advanced products; basically engineers and managers from infrastructure, application product and technology areas.

Electronic Products is the premier new product publication in the electronics marketplace. Acquired by Hearst Corporation in 1980, this monthly magazine has been serving engineers and engineering managers responsible for designing electronic equipment and systems for over 50 years.

Since 1996, Electronics Maker has grown in scope to become the popular publication of electronics industry reaching half a million readers in India. Published monthly, the magazine delivers state-of-the-art technical articles, news, updates, products, trends, market research of electronics world.

Electronics Weekly is a U.K. based, print and online publication with a focus on technical and business news in the electronics industry. It reports on emerging technologies, market trends, in-depth product previews, test & measurement, development and company news. Regular sections include News, Technology, EDA, Products and Spotlights.

ELEKTROnet is dedicated to the electronics industry professionals and to those who are willing to get involved in the applications of the electronics industry, and it is edited in a way which requires the reader to have solid mid- and high-class professional knowledge.

For more than 30 years Elektronik Report has been the leading platform for all suppliers of professional electronics and is the only purely Austrian electronics related professional journal.

This Italian magazine provides engineers, technical managers and designers with well-times and in-depth information concerning all professional electronic areas.

L'Informaticien is a French IT professional publication, available as a monthly magazine and online website. It provides economic and technical information about the IT sector to IT staff and managers.

Nikkei BP Tech-On is the Chinese version of the publication covering electronics and semiconductors, also include consumer electronics products, automotive technology and new energy areas. This publication brings more information about Japanese and America electronic companies to Chinese electronic engineers and management.

Chip Design, Embedded Intel, and System Level Design are print-online publications that cover the semiconductor manufacturing, chip design, EDA tool and embedded electronic markets.

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